Landlord, We guarantee your rent and fully manage your property with zero fees + Regular inspections and cleaning services at no cost.

Landlords – you can get guaranteed rent, full property management, regular inspections and cleaning services with NO letting agent fees with Uptown Properties.

When you decide to let your property with Uptown Properties, you can choose to pay absolutely no letting agency fees. We rent your property from you and our tenants then pay us to live in your property, allowing us to guarantee you’ll receive your rent in full, regardless of any void periods or unpaid rents. What’s more, there are no hidden costs for you to worry about, ensuring you pay us absolutely nothing.

We guarantee your rent
Whether there are void periods or unpaid rents Uptown landlords receive their rent payments in full and on time because their agreement is with us not with tenants.

It’s in our interest to be selective about tenants
We pay our landlords a guaranteed rent every month so it makes better business sense for us to let to reliable and responsible tenants. Our tenants are mainly working professionals.

We don’t let to DSS, Local Authorities or families with children. All potential tenants undergo reference and credit checks before being accepted into a property.

Avoid costly letting agent fees with Uptown Properties

We understand just how expensive letting agency fees can be in London, which is why our Zero Fees model is so popular, and because we pay you a guaranteed rent every month, we’re incredibly selective about who lives in your property. We seek out reliable and responsible working professionals, and we don’t let to Local Authorities, DSS or families with children.

All our potential tenants go through reference and credit checks before being accepted into your property, to give you complete peace of mind. Unfortunately, occasionally bad things can still happen, such as a tenant losing their job or undergoing financial difficulties, leaving them unable to pay their rent.
Our zero letting agency fees, however, will ensure these circumstances will never affect you. Should tenants not pay the rent or leave the property, we’ll take legal action at our own expense so you don’t have to pay a thing and you will still collect your rental income.

We take care of legal costs related to tenants
Unfortunately, bad things can happen to anyone, even with all precautions as reference checks, etc. A tenant could eventually loose his job or pass through financial difficulties and not be able to pay his rent.

However, on the Zero Fees model, it will not affect you at all, if a tenant do not pay the rent and not leave the property we will take legal action at our own expenses, you will pay ZERO to evict a tenant and it will not affect your rental income.

We take care of the properties we let
We perform periodic inspections and a regular cleaning service for all properties even though our landlords don’t pay for it. We also keep the number of tenants in a property to a minimum (well below UK government laws on overcrowding).

We have vast experience of doing this
We are currently managing over 200 properties across North and East London.

Our zero letting agency fees sees us take care of your property

Uptown Properties perform regular inspections of all the properties we manage and provide regular cleaning services without you having to pay any extra charge. We also keep the number of tenants in each property to a minimum (and well below UK government laws on overcrowding) to minimise the risk of any damage to your property.

The team at Uptown Properties are incredibly experienced at handling our zero letting agency fees, and we’re currently managing more than 200 properties throughout North and East London.
For more information about our zero letting agency fees, simply give us a call on 020 3422 0044 or get in touch online today.

Other agencies say that Uptown Properties are their best tenants

We have built close working relationships with many well-known high street lettings/estate agents. Their experience of working with us has shown them that letting to standard tenants is much more hassle for landlords, especially those with larger properties.